For well over two decades Can-Wall Systems Inc. has been a leader in premium quality interior and exterior wall systems. We are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of North America's most innovative and effective interior and exterior finishing systems.

Our company specializes in protective exterior acrylic coatings, exterior insulated and non-insulated wall systems and interior smooth coat veneer systems for use in a wide range of construction applications.

Interior Finishing Systems
In 1991, Can-Wall Systems Inc. was asked to develop a smooth yet durable interior finish specifically designed for manufacturing in the food and pharmaceutical industry. After considerable research and testing, Can-Wall's "Smooth Coat Veneer" was introduced. With adhesive properties surpassing any other product in its class, "Smooth Coat Veneer" can be applied over a variety of new or existing surfaces and is specifically designed to minimize and simplify maintenance, making cleaning easier. To Learn More Click Here

Exterior Finishing Systems
Can-Wall Systems Inc. is one of the pioneers of exterior decorative and protective finishes and systems, and has set industry standards over the years. We have never compromised quality both in materials and workmanship, and have offered our services to some of the most prominent Architects, Designers and Builders across North America over the last 25 years, and we continue to do so today.
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