Designed for application on masonry and concrete, or framed construction clad with cement board or wood.
This system is ideal for existing construction and is also suitable for new, commercial, institutional and residential construction. The system provides an aesthetically pleasing, durable finish which meets any architectural design.

The incorporated insulation is adhered as well as mechanically fastened and completely envelopes the building's exterior, providing exceptional insulation and air barrier performance. Impact resistance is maximized by the fully embedded fiberglass mesh reinforcing coupled with a 2 step base coat process.

The 100% acrylic based quartz plastic coating finish contains only the highest grade of select aggregate for maximum durability and long term performance. Can-Wall Systems Inc. manufactures a full range of texture styles to suit the most demanding design requirements, and they are all available factory tinted in virtually any colour.

Although the "Insulated System" is the most versatile and therefore most popular, Can-Wall also offers a selection of "Non-Insulated Systems" which have successfully stood the test of time. Much like the insulated system, these systems are ideal for various construction applications both in new or existing construction.

Non-Insulated Systems Include:

  • Polymer base coat and acrylic finish coat over new concrete block.
  • Three coat metal lath system over new or existing surfaces.
  • Polymer modified system over cement board (ideal for indoor pool areas).

Typical Insulated Systems

Concrete & Masonry Substrates


Wood, Gypsum & Cement Board Substrates

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