Can-Wall (Interior "Smooth Coat Veneer System")
This carefully developed smooth yet incredibly durable interior wall finish was specifically designed for manufacturing in the food and pharmaceutical industries. For eight years we have fully tested and successfully completed various projects for some of Canada's leading food and drug manufacturers. 

We can now state, with confidence, that we have developed and perfected a wall and ceiling system with unmatched durability. This system has been accepted and is highly recommended by some of this industry's most prominent Engineers and Designers.

Can-Wall's "Smooth Coat Veneer" is a seamless wall finish comprised of special polymer modifiers and inert fillers in a Portland cement  based product. This provides unmatched adhesion to a variety of substrates, durability, impact resistance and washability.

By replacing drywall with cement board, our "Smooth Coat Veneer" may be applied and finished using a simple FLOAT TECHNIQUE. This offers a durable finish. It also reduces the risk of damage caused by leaks in ceiling spaces.

Our interior coating can be applied over a variety of substrates including; new concrete block, poured concrete, cement board and painted surfaces in existing areas or renovation projects.
Our "Smooth Coat Veneer" can be treated using latex, oil or epoxy finishes. The result is a super durable, virtually maintenance free wall system. This results in fewer production shut downs caused by inferior construction systems.

Benefits include: 

  • Adhesive properties surpassing any other products in its class.
  • Smooth and durable, incredibly long lasting.
  • Easy application over new or existing surfaces.
  • Will withstand the constant rigors of washing, sanitizing and cleaning.
  • Conforms to CAN4-S114, for non combustibility

For more information, or a copy of our system specifications, Click Here

One inch inside wall-to-wall coves, as well as rounded outside corners can be created using "Smooth Coat Veneer". This eliminates the need for caulking, which eventually requires regular maintenance and replacement.